A Practical Guide to Reuse Metrics, Reusability Metrics,
and Economic Models

Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulin
Lockheed Martin Federal Systems
MD 0210, Lockheed Martin
Federal Systems, Owego, New York, 13827.

Target Audience

The tutorial addresses the real-life issues faced by software developers and reuse practitioners when implementing reuse metrics. Attendees should have general experience with the issues involved in large-scale software development.


This tutorial will explain how to apply reuse metrics, reuse economics, and reuse Return-On-Investment (ROI) models in diverse organizations and programming languages. The tutorial will help answer the questions:

Attendees will learn a simple set of reuse metrics and how to apply them on their projects to determine the level of reuse and value of that reuse to their organizations.

About the Speaker

Dr. Poulin works as a Senior Software Engineer and Systems Architect with Lockheed Martin Federal Systems (formally Loral Federal Systems and IBM Federal Systems Company) in Owego, NY. As a member of the Advanced Technology Group, he has spent the past six years working software reuse and systems architecture issues on a variety of large-scale software development efforts across Lockheed Martin.

Active in numerous professional organizations, Dr. Poulin has over 60 publications on software measurement, software reuse, and domain-specific software architectures, to include a book titled "Measuring Software Reuse" by Addison-Wesley.

A Hertz Foundation Fellow, Dr. Poulin earned his Bachelors degree at the United States Military Academy at West Point and his Masters and Ph.D. degrees at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.