Software Reuse from a Product and Business Perspective

Even-Andre Karlsson
S-22 370 Lund, Sweden

Target Audience

The tutorial is intended for product and buisness managers, process responsibles, and developers who are interested in how reuse can be introduced in an organization.


The tutorial focuses on software reuse from a product strategy and business perspective. We first go through the key elements for successful management of profitable and long lived software products. Then we relate them to product architectures and software reuse. We analyse how organizations have worked to support the continuous evolution of these products, i.e. marketing, product/system management and development. This business driven analysis is the basis for any successful launch of systematic reuse. Based on this analysis a reuse programme can be launched, and we go through the elements of this programme, coupling them back to the business and product perspective. This includes organizational aspects, project management, development for and with reuse, classification and repositories, reuse metrics, and reuse as a part of the development process. The reuse introduction process contains a detailed plan for how to organize reuse in practice, including different activities and roles. An approach for evaluating the current reuse maturity of an organization is also presented.

The reuse technology which is the basis for this tutorial was developed within the European ESPRIT projects REBOOT (Reuse Based on Object-Oriented Techniques) and SER (Software Evolution and Reuse). REBOOT/SER has been one of the major ESPRIT projects in the area of reuse. The project has covered all the major aspects of reuse with an emphasis on object-oriented component based reuse and frameworks. Through the holistic approach with a combination of methodology, tools, training and applications, industrial experience has been obtained within the frame of the project.

The business and product perspective was added in later consultancy work for major organizations to ensure the success of these techniques.

After the tutorial, attendees will better understand the coupling of software reuse to the business goals and product strategies, as well as reuse opportunities, techniques, and challenges. They will better understand the introduction of reuse into an organization, and identify necessary business, organizational and process impacts.

 About the Speaker

Dr. Even-Andre Karlsson, has been the project manager for Q-Labs involvement in REBOOT. Besides the methodology work he has assisted organizations of different sizes introducing all aspects of planned reuse. Lately he has worked mainly with reuse on a strategic business, product and architecture level. He has also presented the REBOOT ideas on several major international work-shops and conferences on reuse. Before joining Q-Labs he worked with reuse at the Norwegian Institute of Technology where he received his Ph.D. Even-Andre Karlsson has a number of publications within the reuse area and is the editor of the book "Software Reuse - a Holistic Approach" which was published by John Wiley and Sons in May 1995.