Selecting, Integrating and Applying
Architecture Concepts, Methods,
Processes, Tools, Guidance and Policy

Fred A. Maymir-Ducharme, PhD
Lockheed Martin, Mission Systems
700 N. Frederick Road (182/2N110)
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
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Architecting is all about making, capturing, and implementing decisions. There are many factors an architect must take into consideration: some are technical, some are managerial/organizational, and some are political.

This tutorial organizes and presents the major architecture perspectives: concepts (how we think about problems and solutions architecturally), processes (what needs to be done architecturally), methods (procedures and steps for enacting the necessary architecting processes), tools (automated architect support for maximizing effectiveness and efficiency), guidance (e.g., industry and government handbooks and guidebooks for architecting), and policy (Federal Government and the Department of Defense rules and regulations on architecting).

The tutorial provides guidance on the selecting the most appropriate elements from each perspective, taking into consideration organization-specific, program-specific, and perspective-specific constraints. In addition, this tutorial provides guidance on the integration and application of these perspectives' elements, based on practical lessons learned, as well as personal experience / involvement in their development.

 About the Speaker

Fred Maymir-Ducharme completed his BS in Computer Science (CS) at the University of Southern California (USC) and then a PhD in CS at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Fred spent several years as a lead 5ESS engineer at AT&T Bell Labs and teaching graduate CS courses as an adjunct professor at IIT during the 1980's.

He has spent the last decade with large DoD firms (e.g., Grumman, Unisys, Loral and Lockheed Martin), working on a variety of large military systems as well as on applied research and development. As program manager and chief architect of the CARDS and STI Partnerships Programs, he applied and extended various domain engineering (DE) and system/software architecture (SA) technologies.

Fred has over 50 publications in the engineering field, and has been very active chairing conference/workshop program committees and special-interest tracks on DE and SA's. Fred served on the Federal Advisory Board on Ada in the early 90's and was a subject matter expert for the Software Reuse Initiative (SRI) Program Management Office (PMO).