Reaching Klagenfurt University by Bus

The University of Klagenfurt is easily reachable by public transportation. The bus route system in Klagenfurt is star-shaped. The stop Heiligengeistplatz is the centre of the star. Heiligengeistplatz can be reached by bus lines from the train station (Hauptbahnhof) and from the airport (Flughafen). (For more information see the route map. The stops Hauptbahnhof, Flughafen, Heiligengeistplatz and Universität are indicated by large yellow circles.)

To reach the university from Heiligengeistplatz, lines 10, 11, 12, 20 and 21 can be used.
Line 12 is the most convenient because it directly goes to the university. Get off the bus at the stop Universität). Line 12 does not run, however, on Sunday.
Lines 10, 11, 20 and 21 stop at Minimundus and/or Hotel Wörthersee which are close to the university. The stop Minimundus is located in Villacher Straße. For details see the map of the bus routes (the stops Minimundus and Hotel Wörthersee are indicated by small red circles), the campus map and the map of the area around the university.)

The travel time from Heiligengeistplatz to the university is about 10 minutes. It is recommendable to have a look at the bus schedule in order to avoid long waiting times (the schedules of lines 10,11 and 12 can be found below).

Bus Tickets

You have the choice among the following types of tickets:

Campus Map

Informations on Public Transportation in Klagenfurt

Bus Schedules

The table given below indicates the bus lines which can be used to travel between the university and the train station and between the university and the airport.

From To Bus Nr
Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) Heiligengeistplatz 40, 41, 42 / Schedule
Heiligengeistplatz Klagenfurt University (Universität) 10, 11, 12 / Schedule
Klagenfurt University (Universität) Heiligengeistplatz 10, 11, 12 / Schedule
Heiligengeistplatz Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) 40, 41, 42 / Schedule
Heiligengeistplatz Airport (Flughafen) 40, 41, 42 / Schedule

The schedules above are slightly hard to read and are not available for all bus lines. You might prefer to use the on-line travel planner of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Make sure to refer to your start point and destination by the prefix Klagenfurt. For example, use Klagenfurt Flughafen (resp. Klagenfurt Hauptbahnhof) if you wish to start at (go to) the airport (resp. the train station) and Klagenfurt Universität if you wish to start at (go to) the University. Klagenfurt XXX has to be used to refer to the stop with name XXX.